The Jersey Company has the best super soft jersey cotton sheets.



We are so proud to introduce the cosiest bedding ever to hit a mattress! 

The super soft and stretchy T-SHEET™ lets skin breathe and adjusts to your movements for a dreamy sleep. 

The T-SHEET™ comes in bed sheets, pillowcases, quilt covers and baby wraps. All are 100% natural cotton jersey, so they go with the flow for year-round comfort.

In summer, you keep cool. In winter, you stay warm. Like a favourite T-shirt you love to slip into, T-SHEET™ is cosy and feels like home.

Even better, being made of 100% natural cotton, T-SHEET™ loves sensitive and troubled skin.

Bringing back the tee

“The Jersey Company was born after years of searching for new T-shirt bedding. I still have a set I bought over 10 years ago. I love them, my husband loves them... there’s no set of sheets we’d rather sleep on.

To my disappointment, there was nothing around that could replace that set and ticked all the boxes. I’ve tried 1000TC, linen, bamboo and percale, and nothing stacked up. Also I didn’t want to spend time ironing – I wanted to spend it with my family. These days my bed has to practically make itself!”

We hope you love our range and we wish you a lifetime of sweet dreams with T-SHEET™!


Eve Quigley, founder

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